Virgin Mobile's new $140 plan includes a free return flight

Virgin Mobile
Virgin wants you to have a holiday...

Virgin Mobile Australia's new phone plan for $140 a month could be considered excessive, until you remember that it includes a return flight to either Vanuatu, New Zealand or Fiji from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

The telco today launched its "Irresistible Plan", which also includes unlimited calls and SMS across Australia, 6GB of data and $200 worth of international calls per month on a 24 month contract ($3365 total minimum spend).

On this plan, you can also upgrade your handset every 12 months, as long as you sign on for another 24 months. You'll also be given another return flight to the above listed destinations.

Keeping it in the family

Along with this high-end plan, Virgin Mobile also overhauled its other plans, increasing prices by $1, but also decreasing data allowances by 500MB to 1GB on comparable plans.

But for Virgin Mobile Australia's head, David Scribner, it's no longer just about price points.

"We want to be more than mobile. We want Virgin Mobile to be a window to the Virgin world," he said.

With a refocus on customers, Virgin Mobile users will have access to rewards and tie-ins with other properties, such as Virgin Australia airline and Virgin Money.

"We're excited to up the ante and give Virgin Mobile customers a true 'Virgin' experience, plus so much more value," said Nicole Bardsley, director of Brand and Communication.

Similar to Optus rebranding a couple of months ago, these changes are part of a larger Virgin Mobile brand refresh.

Better usage control

Virgin Mobile has also overhauled its My Account system for customers to be able to better track usage.

Its usage alert system will also go online, automatically notifying customers when they reach 50, 85 and 100 per cent of their monthly allowance, as required by the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) code. Customers will also be able to set their own usage alerts, as well.

International roaming alerts will also be available from 27 September, as per the Australian Communications and Media Authority's new international roaming standard.

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