Virgin Mobile doubles up on data

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Promos are becoming the best way to get more data...

Starting from today, customers signing up for a new Virgin Mobile plan will be eligible for double the usual data allowance for the life of your plan, similar to the promotion run by Vodafone from late last year.

Except unlike Vodafone's promo, which included all three of its Red plans, the new Virgin Mobile promotion is only valid for its $60 and $90 plans.

Virgin Mobile's promo will run until May 11 and includes SIM-only plans.

A privileged pair

Virgin Mobile currently has seven 24-month contract plans starting from $30, which has a 200MB data allowance, with the $60 and $90 plans sitting just under the highest tier $140 plan.

Doubling the data will bring the Virgin Mobile's $60 plan up from 1.5GB to 3GB of data allowance, while the $90 plan's data allowance will go up from 3GB to 6GB.

This brings the $90 plan's data allowance up to the same as it's Irresistible $140 plan, with the $90 plan also sharing unlimited standard calls and SMS allowances as well, though not the Irresistible plan's free return flights to Fiji, New Zealand, or Vanuatu.

The $60 plan has $700 of included value for calls, though standard SMS and calls to Virgin Mobile numbers is unlimited.