Virgin Mobile gives 4G to prepaid customers

Virgin Mobile
4G for everyone, says Virgin Mobile

It's been over a year since the telco began offering LTE services on postpaid plans, but Virgin Mobile is now giving prepaid customers a 4G option as well.

Virgin Mobile has been a little late to the game, as though it operates on Optus' network, it began offering 4G services to post-paid customers late 2012 soon after Optus itself began offering services on the faster network.

Optus on the other hand, has been offering 4G to prepaid customers since late 2012. Still, it's a welcome addition and should give Aussies more choice.

Faster, but not much data

But while it offers faster data downloads, Virgin Mobile's prepaid plans don't offer too much data to play with, so we recommend you keep an eye on your data usage.

Virgin Mobile has three groups of plans, with Cap recharges offering the highest data inclusion - up to 1GB, except for the lowest recharge value, which includes 250MB.

Recharges branded Simple all only offer 100MB, while it's Long Expiry charges include no data at all.

New customers can sign up now to get 4G, while existing prepaid customers that have a compatible handset can activate 4G by dialling "275".