Vodafone's new promo will give you double the mobile data

4G data
Vodafone doubles allowance to entice users to give its new 4G network a go

While you may have been getting used to hearing news that your telco has slashed your mobile data allowance, Vodafone is bucking the trend with its new promo that doubles your data allowance.

This has mainly been in the realm of MVNO's like Aldi and TPG, but earlier this year, Optus had also cut data allowances for its new plans, though they did introduce $10 automatic top up payments for increased data use.

"There is an unfortunate industry trend to cut data allowances as a way of exploiting greater consumption, but we're not going to run with the pack," said Vodafone's Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke.

"We have increased our data allowances this year while the others have sat on their hands or gone backwards."

With Voda's new promo, if you sign up for a month-to-month voice plan of $45 and above, or a 12-month or 24-month plan at $60 or above (including Red plans), you'll be eligible for double the data allowance that the plans initially give.

"We know our customers are using 61 percent more data than they did a year ago and that's 50 percent more than the national average," Clarke said.

"Our customers have a huge appetite for social media, photo sharing, watching videos and streaming music and we want to give them the freedom to do that."

Voda doubled up

This means that its Red plans, which offers $5 caps for Roam Like Home use in the US, UK, NZ and Europe will now give you 3GB of data on the AU$65 per month plan, 5GBs on the $80 plan, and a whopping 10GB on the $100 plan.

Those on a 24- or 12-month plan will have double the data for the life of the plan, while month-to-month plans will be eligible for the doubled data for 24 months.

The offer is not only for new customers, as existing customers who upgrade to this plan starting from today will also be eligible for double the data.

"We are super keen for new customers to try out our brand-new 4G network and take advantage of the amazing data speeds on offer, and give our existing customers the freedom to surf the web to their heart's content – without worrying about receiving a massive bill," said Clarke.

The promo starts from today and runs until January 3, so you'll have to sign up within the next 2 months to make the most of this.

Of course, if you're stuck in a contract with another telco until after January 3, or have just recently upgraded your Voda plan, you'd have just missed out on the promo and will not get double the data allowance.