TPG lowers mobile data allowance on its prepaid plan by 75%

TPG mobile
Data woes for TPG customers...

TPG's only prepaid mobile offering has had its data allowance slashed by 75%, going down to a very low 250MB from 1GB.

An MVNO on Optus' 3G network since 2008, voicemail will also now be deducted from the $500 credit value as opposed to being free.

As far as we know, the changes may only effect new customers, as existing TPG customers have not received a notice for the data allowance change.

Called Plenty Saver Plan, it costs $19.99 per month with a once off $40 joining fee.

The data network

As LTE technology develops and we move to faster 4G speeds, and we become a more data-hungry society, telcos are lowering call and SMS costs, but also cutting down on their data allowances.

It has seemingly also caused telcos to rethink their stance on MVNOs, who had until recently offered rather high data allowances.

CEO Bill Morrow has previously said that the mobile market is moving to become data-centric, but due to the cost of the data network, MVNOs are no longer a good business model.

"I know the cost of the [data] network… You can't stay in business if you can't recover the cost of what the network is," he said.

Earlier this week, Optus announced that it would be finishing up its business with Woolworths Mobile, another MVNO using its network, as their contract came to an end.

Via: WhistleOut