Will the LG G4 Pro ditch metal in favour of a plastic body and removable battery?

The LG G4
What will follow the LG G4?

What exactly does LG have planned for its follow-up to the LG G4? We've heard rumours of a supercharged, souped-up LG G4 Pro and thanks to a couple of new leaks the picture is slowly becoming clearer.

First up is a report from Korea that says the upgraded handset is going to come with a plastic body and removable battery. That conflicts with earlier speculation that LG was going to go all-metal with the LG G4 Pro - but apparently plastic is required to allow easy access to the battery.

Whatever the materials the rumoured specs don't seem to have changed: a 5.8-inch IPS screen, a Snapdragon 820 octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 27MP and 8MP cameras and 32GB of internal storage inside (with the option to expand it via memory card).

Two for the price of one

As you would expect the rear buttons and controls that LG has taken to fixing to its handsets are going to be present and correct on the LG G4 Pro as well. It's essentially a larger, more powerful version of this year's flagship - with fewer backing materials to pick from.

Muddying the waters further is another picture scoop from renowned tipster @evleaks - it shows an LG handset called the V10 that's going to have a ticker above the display for some purpose or other (breaking news or a non-stop Twitter stream?).

LG v10

This is apparently separate to the LG G4 Pro and is intended for the Asian market rather than the UK or the US.

Whatever's going on inside LG headquarters it's encouraging to see the company's smartphone division keeping busy: there's a lot to like about the LG G4 and with a few tweaks and improvements we could have a seriously impressive new flagship phone on our hands.

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