The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch as it happened

Expect a lot of stuff. A lot. Of stuff.

Like clockwork, another iPhone launch has been and gone, but this one was potentially bigger than any that have come before. We were live in San Francisco, bringing you the news as it broke.

Not only did we see Apple debut its new iPhone 6, but we also saw the larger iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch launched alongside it.

12.00 - Now it is. QUICKLY, to the horrid scrum of taking pictures of a phone that lots of people want to see. Don't worry though, I've got mad skillz at this. Stay tuned...

11.56 - Is this over now? Everyone is standing up to look at U2. I just want to take photos of iPhones.

11.53 - There's a lot of U2 banter now. About their new album. It's not iPhones. I feel strangely free.

11.49 - The iWatch won't be here until 2015, and will start at $349, but the iPhones will be coming on September 19. The iPhone 6 Plus is a larger device with a new landscape mode that we've seen on the iPad (and most other phones) for a long time now.

What's missing? Battery size and life for the iWatch, the RAM amount in the iPhone, the CPU speed etc, but we never hear that at these events.

Will they be good devices? They look brilliant and it's what we hoped to see in the constant back and forth with Android - the iPhone 6 range is a worthy adversary.

The iWatch - well, I need to go and see it. Is it too big? Too small? Easy to use? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

11.47 - While the Irish man is shouting at the front, let's recap: 2 new iPhones (6 and 6 Plus), the Apple Watch, which will come in normal, Sport and Edition...editions, and Apple Pay, a new contactless payment scheme.

The iPhone 6 will start at $199, with UK and other prices yet to be announced. The iPhone 6 Plus will be $100 more, but like the 6 will go up to 128GB in storage size, with the expected 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes coming.

11.46 - U2 are performing. It's very loud. Kids these days. Not proper music like it was in my day.

I was secretly hoping it might be Basshunter.

11.44 - He said One More Thing again. But he's talking about music. I'm going to lose my mind here. I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing what Tim Cook was saying.

OH THANK GOD it's just a performance. I really don't care who it is.

Oh wait, it's U2. Everyone started screaming...again.

11.43 - Cook is telling us how amazing the iPhone, iPad, iMac, iWhatever range is the best in the world.

11.42 - I think he's wrapping up now. If he does One More Thing again, I'm throwing my laptop at the stage. Oh, wait, Apple Pay will work with Apple Watch. That's cool. I'll allow that.

11.41 - It doesn't look massive though. The photos make it look like, you know, a watch.


11.39 - There are three versions: Apple Watch, Watch Sport and Sport Edition. Apple Watch needs an iPhone, but that can be iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus.

Tim Cook expects the usage to be incredible throughout the day, so there's a magnetic inductive charger to charge overnight. Apparently something only Apple can do.

Wow, it's starts at $349, and is coming early next year. That's a little pricey, but not as bad as expected. That Edition version wasn't given a price though.

11.39 - Wait! It can be a walkie talkie! I take it all back.

11.36 - Cook is really excited about this. It does look good from an exercise perspective, but it needs GPS to really be awesome. HOW MUCH IS IT THOUGH?

Gareth Beavis
Formerly Global Editor in Chief

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