Verizon may carry Nokia Windows 8 handsets this year

Windows Phone 8 will make its Verizon debut later this year
Windows Phone 8 will make its Verizon debut later this year

Verizon is warming up to Windows Phones, with a report suggesting the carrier plans to jump on board with Windows 8 later this year.

A source close to Verizon told Bloomberg that the carrier is in talks with Nokia to sell a new Windows 8 smartphone.

Back in April Verizon chief Fran Shammo talked a big game about building up Windows Phone as a "third ecosystem" to compete with Android and iOS.

More recently, Verizon has said it plans to carry Nokia's Lumia handsets, though no specific models have been mentioned.

It's unlikely at this point for Verizon to start supporting any of Nokia's current Lumia smartphones that can't upgrade to Windows Phone 8, so it seems the carrier was referring to Nokia's next generation of Lumia devices.

Win-win for Verizon and Windows 8

Bringing Windows Phone 8 devices to the largest wireless carrier in the U.S. could be a boon for Microsoft and Nokia to help the new platform gain traction.

But Verizon also stands to gain from pumping up Windows Phone 8, as more competition in the market can strengthen the carrier's position to negotiate with Apple on subsidy rates.

Nokia and Microsoft are holding a Windows 8 event in September, where Nokia's next line of Windows Phone 8 handsets are to be announced.

Verizon is not expected to be a part of the event, but the sources claim that we should see Nokia's Windows 8 debut with Verizon before the end of the year, if not at the launch of the OS in October.

Via Bloomberg