Verizon could make up for lost time with the Galaxy S4 Mini, blue HTC One

Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini leak
Good things in small packages come to those who wait

Verizon was slow to sell the Samsung Galaxy S4 and has been even slower to announce an HTC One release date, despite the fact that both are flagship Android smartphones.

Now the No. 1 U.S. carrier is reportedly making up for lost time, readying new variants, the Galaxy S4 Mini and a blue HTC One, according to new reports today.

The currently international-only Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini hasn't made its way stateside just yet, but a leaked photo sent to Engadget shows a Verizon-labeled S4 Mini.

This picture, from an anonymous source, corroborates the Samsung SCH-i435 registration that was thought to be for the Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini last month.

The HTC One blues

If it's the HTC One Verizon delay, almost four months long at this point, that has you blue, then the carrier might have your cure in the form of a blue version of the phone.

Big Red is reportedly stocking an HTC6500LVWBLU, described by PhoneArena as the "HTC One in Blue."

The dedicated phone blog's source theorizes that the shade of blue could resemble that of HTC's Windows Phone 8X.

Interestingly, Verizon isn't rumored to receive the HTC One in red, which is expected to be exclusive to the Sprint network.

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Matt Swider