HTC One Mini peeks out in AT&T press pic, HTC One blushes for Sprint

HTC One Mini
Minis run the world

The HTC One is hardly the one any more, now that we've got the HTC One Mini in the mix.

However, things have been relatively quiet on the U.S. release date, price and carrier front. HTC told us nothing more than to sit tight for word later this summer, when more specifics would be revealed. Like phone fishermen, we've been waiting for info to tug at our lines.

This weekend, thankfully, we got a bite when a purported AT&T press shot squared up on Android Police.

There's not a whole lot to glean from the image, other than it clearly hosts AT&T's striped globe logo. The front of the phone has an updated Blink Feed flow from the original press image, and there's only one "Beats Audio" here, not in red.

Atlanta is also the current location on the device, not London, a more regionally relevant locale to say the least.

Happy Turtle Cappuccino

Or whatever other acronym you can think of for HTC, as the AT&T press pic isn't the only goodie dropping from the Taiwanese phone maker.

HTC One red

Oft-reliable Twitter leaker @evleaks posted what they claim is the HTC One in red for Sprint. We've heard rumor a U.S. carrier would see the One in a blushy shade, but reason led most to believe Verizon a.k.a. Big Red would see the color exclusively.

Unfortunately, as with the HTC One Mini on AT&T, we're lacking on release info, but Sprint could decide to push it out around the time the Verizon HTC One goes on sale this summer. Just for a little friendly competition.

Image credit: @evleaks

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