Samsung's Galaxy S6 Mini is real, but we're not certain we'll ever see it

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung's Galaxy S6 is one of the best phones of the year and a new rumour suggests it may be getting shrunk down as per previous versions.

A new listing has appeared on the GFXBench website, revealing a bunch of specs for the phone currently named the Samsung SM-W2016. Samsung has yet to release a Galaxy S6 Mini even though it has done so for every other flagship in the S series.

This listing includes a 4.6-inch display with a 1280 x 768 resolution as well as the same Exynos 7420 processor seen in the Galaxy S6. There's also 3GB of RAM when other leaks suggested it'd only have 2GB.

But will it see the light?

According to the spec leak, there's also 64GB of internal storage (on this model at least) as well as a 16MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing selfie snapper.

It seems pretty certain that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S6 Mini but there's no official word on whether it'll see the light of day. This may turn out just to be a prototype that remains behind closed doors.

It's strange Samsung has taken this long to release a miniature version of its acclaimed Galaxy S6 as it has quickly rolled out small Galaxy S handsets for each iteration in the past.

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