Samsung Galaxy S7: Where can I get it?

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 looks to move the bar forward, not just for Samsung's own smartphone business, but against the greater Android competition, too. The killer specs and design brought forward by Samsung's latest shows why it leads the charge year after year.

We've gotten our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S7, but when can you? Samsung has confirmed that it will release on March 11, so there isn't long to wait. But, it's also important to know where you'll be able to purchase the S7. We've set out to answer that very question, just for you.


AT&T will carry the Samsung Galaxy S7 on its now confirmed launch date of March 11, with pre-orders opening at 8:00AM EST on February 23.


Verizon, too, confirmed that it will host the Galaxy S7 on its service. It will be available on March 11 and you can pre-order early starting February 23. Some Verizon stores will have the S7 a little early for you to check out starting February 26.


At T-Mobile, you can also pick up the Galaxy S7. Like the others, it will be available on March 11, with pre-orders opening up on February 23. But unlike the others, along with the free Gear VR you'll receive with your pre-order (see below for more details,) T-Mobile is also throwing in 6 free games from the Oculus store, as well as a free year of Netflix. Zing!


Sprint announced today that it will carry the Samsung Galaxy S7 when it launches on March 11. You can pre-order starting on February 23.

Samsung is offering a drool-worthy incentive to pre-order. You'll get the Samsung Gear VR for the price of free if you purchase a device between February 23 and March 18. This is a totally cool and affordable method of jumping into VR.

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