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Nokia Sea Ray specs leak onto web

Specs released for Nokia's Windows Phone devices
Sea Ray specced. Maybe we'll get to see the front as well
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Nokia's much-vaunted partnership with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 handsets is coming to fruition, with specifications for the devices being liberally plastered across the internet.

First up is the Nokia Sea Ray, which is said to ship with a Clear Black Display 3.7-inch amoled screen, a Carl Zeiss eight megapixel autofocus camera and 16GB of internal storage. It will run Mango WP7.5 on its 1.4GHz processor, powered by a 1540mAh battery.

The Nokia Sabre, which we first reported on last week, is for those of you who loved the Nokia 3210's swappable fascias back in the early '00s - it comes with interchangeable back covers.

In addition, it is set to offer what seems to be the same 3.7-inch amoled screen as the Sea Ray, but internal storage is reduced to 8GB and the camera ships in a 5MP variety.

Ace in the hole

So far, they seem like fairly standard mid-range smartphones, but Nokia's still able to pull some punches with its Nokia Ace.

This includes a whopping 4.3-inch Clear Black Display AMOLED screen, an 1800mAh battery and a Carl Zeiss 8MP snapper. Apparently it will also ship with HSPA+, making it Nokia's first LTE 4G handset.

Expect to finally see at least one of the phones in the flesh at Nokia World 2011 on 26 October.

via Winrumors