First Nokia Windows Phone 'Sea Ray' revealed

Nokia shows off Sea Ray
Nokia shows off Sea Ray

The first Nokia Windows Phone has been revealed by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, and it looks very familiar.

Codenamed Sea Ray, the phone is pretty much identical to the recently announced Nokia N9 and we will be the first to admit that its showing in a video is very brief.

This is because the video of the phone was filmed covertly at an event where Elop asked for all imaging equipment to be turned off.

Super confidential

"This is something that is super confidential," explained Elop in the briefing and picked up by WinRumors.

"We do not want to see it out in the blogosphere but we want to show you how this innovation lives and how well we as a company are today executing."

Even though cameras are asked to be switched off, the clear video, filmed centre stage at the briefing, brazenly continues. It's almost as if Nokia has turned a blind eye to the camera on them.

Which is a touch silly if you don't want the video to "hit the blogosphere".

The video gives almost nothing away, other than it has a slightly different LED placement on the back, compared to the N9, and it is running Windows Phone 7 Mango.

The first Nokia Windows Phone is set to launch in Autumn of this year, with October pegged as a possible release date.

Marc Chacksfield

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