Nokia Sabre joins Sea Ray in Windows Phone line up?

Nokia Sabre joins Sea Ray in Windows Phone line up?
Sea Ray gets a dangerous-sounding comrade

The Nokia Sabre looks set to join the Nokia Sea Ray in the company's Windows Phone launch line up, after Microsoft accidentally included the product name in a competition's terms and conditions.

Naturally, the text has since been changed to remove the product names which, in its removal, kind of makes the Nokia Sabre seem all the more likely.

However, the Sea Ray is just a product codename, so there's no guarantee that the Nokia Sabre will hit the shelves with that moniker.

Sabre tooth

The competition in question is run by Microsoft Canada, with Canadian developers invited to design two Mango apps in order to win the phones.

The Nokia Sea Ray was "accidentally" unveiled by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in a "covert" video early in the summer. It might look familiar – that's because its chassis is basically the Nokia N9's – but other details are pretty scarce.

Sadly Elop hasn't been brandishing a Nokia Sabre in front of video cameras that were "supposed" to be "off", so no clues about what the sharp-sounding handset will look like yet.

Nokia's target was to get its first batch of Windows Phone handsets out by the end of this year, so we're priming ourselves for a launch any day now. Stay vigilant, comrades.

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