Motorola Moto G and X Camera update adds bonus features

Motorola Moto G and X Camera update adds bonus features
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Motorola has updated its Gallery and Camera apps, providing some fresh new features for owners of the Moto G and Moto X.

One of the defining software characteristics of the latest Motorola phones is the Moto camera app, one of the few areas in which Motorola deviates from 'standard' Android.

The Motorola Camera app has just been given an update, and while it's not going to rock your world with supercharged image quality and snazzy new modes, it does offer a couple of notable new features.

Ready, set, go

You can now set a timer for your shots at 3 or 10 seconds, a feature added to the standard Android camera app in the new Lollipop version of the system.

A wrist flick can also be used to switch between the front and back cameras, for insta-selfie style action.

The Moto Gallery app has also been given a minor update designed to reflect the changes seen in Android 5.0's Material user interface. Nothing major: just a fresh coat of paint.

These updates come alongside the release of Android 5.0 for the Motorola Moto line-up.

True to its word, Motorola was among the first to deliver the update to its phones. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S5's Android 5.0 might just scrape into this year if we're to believe the foggy rumours floating around the internet.

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