Reveal then release? Moto X reportedly shipping to carriers today

Moto X
Not long now till we find out

Moto X leaks have been pretty much non-stop for awhile now, haven't they?

That should change after the Motorola event on Aug. 1 but for now, we have a new little tidbit for you.

According to Taylor Wimberly, founder of Android and Me, an unverified source told him that the Moto X is shipping to U.S. carriers today, meaning we could see the Moto X hit retail before the week is up.

Of course, unverified sources are tricky but Wimberly has been pretty good about other rumors - he's also "trying to verify info with some other sources," so there's hope this news is legit.

Quick leak recap

The Moto X is rumored to pack a 1.7GHz quad-core processor plus 2GB of RAM, with various sources saying the same thing.

That's not the only processor which has been linked to the X though, as others claim it could carry a powerful 2.3GHz Nvidia 4i chip. The same leak, apparently attributing the X to have a lot of power, also says the Moto X will feature a 16MP camera.

However, Wimberly says the Moto X will come with a 10MP Clear Pixel camera, for "enhanced low light performance."

Moto X

Rumor has it...(Credit: Gary He, Twitter)

Supposedly, Moto X videos can also record in 1080p HD at 60 FPS thanks to a special camera module with x4HD Video capture which creates the pixel of ultimate perfection by putting four pixels together.

Wimberly rounds out his purported leak by adding that the X will have three microphones with 3D enabled audio recording.

These reports are vastly different, making it difficult to pick a clear direction to take. Thankfully, the wait will soon be over. Tune back into TechRadar on Thursday for the latest on this mystifying Moto device.