Xbox One release date rumored for Nov. 29, two weeks ahead of PS4 launch

Xbox One and PS4 release date rumors
Probably won't be among the Black Friday discounts

Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles appear to be separated at birth due to their similar specs, launch games and boxy designs, but they may actually be born two weeks apart.

The Xbox One release date is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 29, according to the Toys R Us U.K. website.

PS4, meanwhile, won't launch until exactly two weeks later, Friday, Dec. 13, indicates the same retailer.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft and Sony haven't responded to our inquiries into whether these are the official release dates for each respective console.

Both companies have kept launch plans close to the vest. Microsoft is touting a November launch window and Sony is being even more vague with a "holiday 2013" release date for PS4.

PS4 release date

Sony's 'holiday 2013' could technicallyo till Chistmas

Really? The day after Thanksgiving?

This latest set of Xbox One and PS4 release date rumors is suspect, mainly because it's difficult to imagine Microsoft wanting to compete with Black Friday.

Nov. 29 happens to be the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., and having a new console out by then would help move units.

But at the same time, Microsoft wouldn't be able to hold massive launch events, and competing with every product and toy under the sun (do they still Furbies?) might not be the best plan of action.

Release dates all over the place

There's a 30-day window in November that Sony and Microsoft are likely to launch their consoles, and another 25 days before Christmas the following month.

It seems as if each of these days has been speculated to be the "new Xbox One and PS4 launch date" at some point in time.

Last month, for example, we heard that PS4 would get a two-week head start before Xbox One made it out the door.

Retailers were pinning Sony's console for Nov. 13, while Microsoft was given the Thanksgiving Eve slot of Nov. 27.

If the opposite turns out to be true, Microsoft could have a 14-day window to prove to put-off gamers that Xbox One doesn't have abrasive DRM restrictions, does support indie games, and won't use Kinect to spy on you.

Matt Swider