Rumored LG Nexus 5 FCC filing seems to match supposed leak on Google lawn

LG Nexus 5 FCC filing
Haven't we seen this before?

There's more evidence to suggest that LG and Google are working together on the Nexus 5 phone in light of newly declassified Federal Communications Commission documents.

The FCC filing points to a full-featured LG smartphone known only by the codename of LG D820.

While this mysterious codename doesn't tip us off as whether or not it refers to the Nexus 4 successor, it does cover most of the major bands in North America, a must for pretty much any flagship handset.

The documents list support for a 7-band LTE device compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint (bands 2/4/5/17/25/26/41), CDMA / EVDO rev A, pentaband DC-HSPA+ and quadband GSM / EDGE, according to Engadget.

Also on board are Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac, rounding out a well-connected smartphone that would be compatible with every major carrier band in the region except Verizon's LTE 750.

Google Nexus 5

Might be a match

More evidence

The documents first appeared on the FCC site a month ago, but were pulled due to "confidentiality reasons," according to the blog S4Gru.

The site also noticed that the back plate found in the "D820 Wireless Charging Scenario" filing matches the unknown Nexus device "leaked" in the Android KitKat unveiling video on Google's campus.

It appears to be around the same size and shape, complete with a larger-than-normal camera hole.

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