iPhone 7 images: real or fake?

iPhone 7

It's a minefield out there, if you're searching for credible iPhone 7 pictures. Just a few days away from Apple's likely big reveal, there's been a year's worth of iPhone 7 rumors, mock-ups and alleged production line leaks, all lining up for the tech paparazzi.

But for every legitimate leak, there's a chancer or two dropping a hashed up fake out there in the hopes of a few retweets or clicks.

Here's a handful of the most often-shared iPhone 7 pictures ahead of launch. Real or fake, do you agree with our verdict on these iPhone 7 images?

iPhone Pro

iPhone 7 - LEAK

Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

iPhone 7 - LEAK

Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

Three new premium iPhones at one launch event? That was what this leaked image from Chinese microblogging network Weibo suggested could be on the way.

Lining up three screen-protected models of the anticipated phone in a row, it showed a regular iPhone 7 alongside two larger iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro handsets.

Real or Fake?

iPhone 7 images

Or, at least as fake as any rumors of an iPhone 7 Pro have been. While three different iPhone 7 variants were initially rumoured to launch, it's now looking far more likely that two will be paraded by Tim Cook on September 7.

It's possible that the Pro model was confused by leakers initially with the 256GB model that's now hotly tipped to feature at Apple's event later this week.

Dual cameras

iPhone 7 dual camera leak

Credit: Apple.club.tw

iPhones have always had a good track record when it comes to camera quality, arguably leading the charge when it comes to people swapping out their dedicated cameras for a smartphone instead.

But a good camera comes as standard on any half-decent phone these days. So this leak points towards Apple upping its game, going for a dual-camera system.

Real or Fake?

iPhone 7 images

The evidence is mounting that at least variant of the iPhone 7 will have dual cameras, so this early look at the camera modules was either totally legit, or eerily prescient.

Apple will likely use two 12MP sensors on the iPhone 7 Plus to deliver both zoom options and "light field camera applications", letting snappers reset an image's focus point after the shutter had been pushed. It looks like the smaller iPhone 7 might stick with a single snapper on its rear though.

No headphone jack

iPhone 7 headphone jack leak

Credit: Nowhereelse.fr

Rolling on from the dual camera leak up above, this leak not only shows a rear casing with enough space for two camera modules, but also shows what may be the most controversial iPhone change of all – the removal of the headphone jack in favor of a stereo speaker set-up.

It's a move which will likely cause uproar among many iPhone fans, but if any company can roll out a drastic measure like this, it's Apple.

Real or Fake?

iPhone 7 images

While it's hard to verify the validity of the component in question in the image leaked here, it certainly corroborates with what we expect to see in the new iPhone. Dual cameras? Check. Stereo speakers? Check.

The death of the headphone jack? Check. It may not necessarily be straight off the production line, but it's a well researched fake if it isn't.

AirPods and packaging

iPhone 7 russian box leak

Credit: AppleInsider

This iPhone 7 box, as spotted by Apple Insider, claims to show final packaging for Apple's next iPhone, as it'll be marketed in Russia. It shows a box for the expected 256GB version of the phone, being sold with "Bluetooth" AirPods in the box.

Real or Fake?

iPhone 7 images

While there's a good chance Apple will launch a 256GB version of the iPhone 7, and that there will be some sort of audio overhaul for the handset too, it'd be an unprecedented move for Apple to throw in pricier Bluetooth headphones for free. Lightning connector cabled earbuds are more likely.

As for the packaging itself, the text on the rear sticker is justified to the centre, which diverges from Apple's usual left-justified text. This one's fishy.

Smart Connector

iPhone 7 Smart connector leak

Credit: Unbox Therapy

Now, this one's slightly different. A regularly-circulated screengrab from an Unbox Therapy YouTube clip, it doesn't pretend to show a case straight from the production line, but is instead a look at a mock-up based on specifications shared with with wireless headphone manufacturer Besound.

As well as giving a clear look at the raised dual-camera bump and headphone-jack-less underside, it reveals an all-new shade for iPhone – a rich blue. But perhaps most interesting is the Smart Connector, first seen on the iPad Pro, on the rear.

Real or Fake?

iPhone 7 images

Now, keeping in mind this is a mock up, the Besound specs for the iPhone 7 are fascinating. We've established at this point that the headphone jack is dead as a dodo, and the dual camera nod is here too. We've heard analysts reporting that a whole new wave of iPhone colors are on the way, so the blue casing sounds on point, too, and is corroborated by this leak earlier from MobileFun.co.uk:

Mobilefun iPhone 7

Credit: MobileFun.co.uk

The Smart Connector is the interesting element in the Unbox Therapy shot though. On the iPad Pro, it's a two-way power and data connection, allowing for wireless charging and accessory power too. But there's not much room on a phone compared to a tablet, so to double up on most of the functionality already covered by the Lightning port seems uneconomical.

However! Dropping the headphone jack means Apple may have to appease cabled earphone owners with some sort of dongle. Could it be that, ahead of any other smart accessories, the iPhone 7 will need a sizeable Smart Connector-powered dongle to support older headphone types? Here's hoping not.

'Official' Apple clip grab

iPhone 7 leak malignant

Credit: The Malignant (Twitter)

Just hours away from what's expected to be the big reveal, Twitter leaker @themalignant has posted this shot of what's said to be the iPhone 7, floating in the white void of an official Apple press clip.

Real or Fake?

iPhone 7 images

As far as what we'd expect from the hardware itself, this all seems as we'd imagine it to be, at least for the lesser standard iPhone 7 model, with antenna bands around the edge of the handset and headphone jack absent.

In terms of official Apple video, the white background is classic Apple styling – though easily replicable – and with only a few hours to go until launch, these kinds of public-facing materials will be beginning to circulate. So don't rule this one out.

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