Google Nexus S: 16 tips and tricks

Put two fingers on the top of the stack, pull them apart and watch as the pics fly between your two digits - not only is it visually a veritable thrill, but you can easily see what's in there too.

14. Access the special characters with ease

If you're after a bracket or @ sign, you don't need to faff about with the symbols section - simply holding down the full stop key will bring up a grid of them.

Simply slide up your finger to access new characters, including dashes, colons and the ever-popular + symbol.

If you do the same with the comma key (assuming you've moved it to the front screen) then this will also offer up and easy way to see the settings for the keyboard too.

Google nexus s review

15. Auto-correct supercharging

Google ushas ed the Android 2.3 upgrade to make auto-corrected typing a little easier: simply start writing a word, and when the autocorrect has an option, the space bar lights up to indicate you can confirm and use it.

If you've done this, but it's the wrong word, simply tap the offending selection of letters and the autocorrect options will spring back up too.

16. Quick access to numbers and capitals

Using the multi-touch hardware doesn't just make it easier to type faster, it adds quick flick options for speed keystokers.

For instance: hold the shift key and press a letter and it will capitalise it without needing to enter the shift mode separately.

Or you can hold the symbol key down and use your other finger to hit the numbers - let go and the ABC keyboard springs magically back in.


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