Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from
Cover your phone in all kinds of colours and textures

It was one of the hardest smartphones to get hold of, but with its brilliantly vibrant 4.7-inch display, quad-core power and wireless charging capabilities, the Google Nexus 4 was worth the wait.

With glass on the back and Gorilla glass up front, it's definitely a wise move to add a last line of smartphone defence.

So to make sure your LG-built Android smartphone stays in one piece, here are 10 of the best Google Nexus 4 cases to buy.

1. Flexishield Frost Skin - £9/AU$11/US$11.50

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Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

A budget-friendly solution that doesn't entirely hide away the sleek glass body, this durable silicone gel case wraps around the back of the phone and should provide everyday protection against bumps and scratches, all while adding just a few millimetres of thickness. Add in a raised bezel and you've got less to worry about if it drops screen-side up.

2. Poetic Borderline - £10/US$20 (around AU$21)

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

An alternative to the official Nexus 4 bumper, the TPU plastic Borderline adds a layer of security and keeps the back and front of the Android smartphone raised and away from surfaces. Buttons for the power and volume control are built into the design that still leaves that glossy glass back on show.

3. Rearth Ringke Fusion Case - £15/AU$18.50/US$19

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Guarding the back and sides of the Nexus 4 with a crystal clear back leaving the glass back on show, the slip-on case is built with polycarbonate and flexible rubber providing the added grip and a snug fit. The raised bezel keeps the screen off of surfaces, and the edges of the display are in no way impeded, ensuring you have completely unobstructed access to the display.

4. Nexus 4 Bumper - £16/US$20 (around AU$25)

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

The official case keeps things relatively simple in the looks department, guarding the edges of your smartphone and adding built-in volume rocker and standby buttons. You've still got have access to charging and headphone ports, while its slightly raised design will also protect that glass chassis when it's on a table in public display.

5. Spigen Ultra Thin Air - £16/US$20 (around AU$25)

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Offering a handset-hugging fit, this snap-on case is easy to snap back out again, is built from a tough, durable polycarbonate and sports a glossy matt design. In the box it comes with an Ultra Crystal screen protector and a micro fibre cloth so you can guard that 4.7-inch display and give it a buff to get rid of those fingerprints.

6. Incipio Feather - US$25 (around £16.50/AU$26)

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Adding just over 1mm of thickness, the ultra-thin Plextonium case clips onto the back of your Nexus 4, adding a subtle yet effective layer of protection. You can take your pick from a more complementary colour or go for a brighter neon shade and, crucially, all of the snap-on cases leave access to all key ports and the rear-facing snapper.

7. Zenus Masstige Colour Edge Diary case - £25/AU$31/US$35

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

The chocolate brown folio case with a diary-style body is made from synthetic leather and will hide away your Nexus 4 with a button fastener keeping it secure on the move. There's a pocket inside to hold a few cards and some emergency cash, plus a key cut-out for the rear-facing camera so you don't need to take it out to fire off a snap.

8. Seidio Active - £25/US35 (around AU$39)

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Covering both protective and hands-free viewing bases, the slimline case features a dual layer of shock-absorbing polymer to help soften the blow when dropped. The rubberised coating should make it nicer to grip in the hand, and with a kickstand at the back you can watch films and browse the web in landscape orientation.

9. Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series - £30/AU$40/US$35

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Offering high grade levels of smartphone defence from all angles, the triple layered Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series case combines a silicone layer, durable polycarbonate and a Ballistic shock-absorbent polymer to offer more than sufficient armour for the back, sides and corners of the Nexus 4. Up front the lay-on-table design will keep the screen away from harm, which means you have all-round Nexus 4 protection.

10. BoxWave Nero Leather Flip - £30/US$40 (around AU$47)

Best Google Nexus 4 case: 10 to choose from

Offering rugged, shock-absorbing leather surroundings for your Nexus 4, the vertical flip-style cover opens from the bottom with a latch keeping the device in place. A microsuede interior lining provides soft surroundings for your smartphone, as well as added screen protection when not in use.

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