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Google may be about to kill the Nexus 5

Google may be about to kill the Nexus 5
Take a good look, it may not be around for much longer

Hopes are that Google will continue to offer the Nexus 5 alongside the supersized Nexus 6 when it goes on sale later this month, but it seems your options may be severely limited.

A UK based XDA member has posted an email response from Google, in which the search giant seems to confirm that production of the Nexus 5 (or specifically, the 32GB model that the user is looking to get replaced) has ceased.

"I inform you that we don't offer new brand replacement as they aren't available and they won't be produced anymore," reads the message.

16GB only?

There's no guarantee that RedBlueGreen's post is official, and the fact Google has refreshed the main Nexus 5 page on its site to mirror that of Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 seems to suggest it still has plans for the device.

Google may continue to support the Nexus 5 with software updates, but looking at the UK and US Google Play stores the only model in stock and available to buy is the 16GB black.

The white and red 16GB Nexus 5 units are both listed as out of stock, as too are all three colours of the 32GB version.

We have contacted Google for clarification on its Nexus 5 plans, and we'll update this article once we get a response.

Via TechTastic

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