Galaxy Nexus was pulled due to Apple injunction, Google confirms

Galaxy Nexus was pulled due to Apple injunction, Google confirms
Google is promising a fix that'll bring the Galaxy Nexus back on sale

Google has confirmed the reason that its Galaxy Nexus smartphone has been removed from sale is the injunction won by Apple last week.

A California court banned the soon-to-be-Jelly Bean device from sale in the United States amid Apple claims that the Samsung-made device infringes on its intellectual property.

Since Tuesdal, potential customers visiting the product page on the Google Play Store, have been greeted with a 'Coming Soon' message. Google had, until today, refused to say why.

The Android-maker has now confessed to ABC news that the legal ruling is to blame, rather than the process of rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the phone.

Apple strikes a double blow

Judge Lucy Koh's decision pertained mainly to the universal search functionality on the Galaxy Nexus, which allows users to search all areas of the device, as well as the web, at one time.

Earlier this week, Google told The Verge that a fix was in the offing that would allow the device to return to its store next week, with Jelly Bean in tow.

Meanwhile, Judge Koh had earlier overturned an attempt by Samsung to lift the injunction.

The injunction from Apple strikes at the heart of its two key rivals. The Galaxy Nexus offers the purest version of Android on any current smartphone, while its also made by Samsung, Cupertino's main hardware foe.

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