Android Silver may not be dead after all

Android Silver
Is Android Silver going to have a shiny future?

You'd be forgiven for thinking Android Silver wasn't going to happen - one of its 'chief architects' has left Google and the company reportedly put it on hold not so long ago.

But there might be hope yet. According to TKTechNews both Motorola and HTC have built devices that were originally planned to be among the first Android Silver handsets, and the site goes on to say that according to its sources Google may yet launch them under Android Silver.

So it might be on hold but it's possibly not been abandoned altogether. An alternative possibility is that these new phones will be sold as Google Play Editions instead.

Don't get your hopes up

The idea that Motorola had already developed and manufactured an Android Silver phone makes sense, given that the company is also rumoured to have a large and somewhat confusing product line up, with some phones possibly not launching.

We're not entirely hopeful about Android Silver's prospects, as other rumours suggest that Google was struggling to get interest from device makers.

But this new information at least suggests that there's a chance, so if you were holding out for a wider selection of high-end stock Android devices you probably shouldn't give up on the idea just yet.

James Rogerson

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