A powerful Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo could be on the way

The Galaxy S5 range could be getting bigger

If Samsung's working on the Galaxy S5 Neo it's certainly stayed quiet about it so far, but now we've got some evidence that it could be on the way.

A phone with the model number SM-G800F has appeared on Indian import site Zauba and while that letter-number combo doesn't ring any bells, the price difference between it and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is similar to the difference between the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, suggesting that the mystery handset could be the Galaxy S5 Neo.

That's hardly a confirmation, but we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung is working on such a handset and just days ago the same logic was used on the same site to spot what might be the Galaxy S5 mini.

Slim hope

Even if this is the Galaxy S5 Neo it might not emerge for a while. The Zauba listing claims that it's being shipped for R & D purposes, so it may not be a finished product yet.

Then there's the fact that the Galaxy Note 3 Neo never actually made it to the UK, so here's hoping the S5 Neo, if that's what this is, does.

Whatever it turns out to be, the price difference between it and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is very small, so we should be looking at quite a powerful device if and when it ever sees the light of day.

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