Philips' new OLED TV could be a 2022 winner

Philips OLED807 in a living room space
(Image credit: Philips)

Philips has just unveiled its 2022 TV lineup including what it's crowning the “new King” of televisions - the Philips OLED807.

We already adored last year’s OLED806 - giving it a five-star review - so we’re delighted to hear that Philips has upped its game this year by introducing a swathe of upgrades to its successor.

The first of which is the OLED807’s new OLED EX panels. These new displays offer a 30% increase in light output compared to regular OLED screens so we can expect even better color and HDR performance than what we’ve seen before - and it was already pretty spectacular.

In addition, Philips is improving its Ambilight system with increased color detail and accuracy. The unique feature shines light onto the wall behind the screen that matches what’s on display, which as weird as it sounds, creates a more immersive experience.

The sound performance is also getting a boost, upgrading the OLED806’s 50W sound system to a 70W setup. While we expect it won’t quite compete with the audio quality of the best soundbars out there, the OLED807 should sound more than fine on its own.

We’ll have to test the OLED807 out for ourselves to be sure of that but one factor that makes us confident it will live up to the hype is its IMAX Enhanced certification. This seal of approval means that the OLED807 TV offers a best-in-class visual and audio performance, making it a prime choice for those looking to enjoy IMAX Enhanced content - such as the MCU films on Disney Plus.

Pricing isn’t available for the OLED807 yet, however, we suspect it will cost roughly the same as the OLED806 did at launch (maybe slightly more). For the smaller 48-inch size we should expect a price tag of around £1,299, while for the largest 77-inch size we’re looking at nearer £3,999.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we learn more.

Get your game on

If you prefer to use your TV for gaming rather than for films or TV, then the Philips OLED807 is still a great pick. Not only will it create an awesome-looking picture, but it has several features that make it well-suited for gaming.

As you should expect from the best gaming TVs, this screen offers a max VRR of 120Hz at 4K - so it’s a perfect companion to your Xbox Series X or PS5 - but you can also reap several other benefits.

PC gamers can take advantage of  Nvidia G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync, while Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes will automatically configure the TV’s settings to ensure you get the best performance possible.

Thanks to these enhancements the OLED807 is able to achieve an input lag as low as 9ms - so you should expect an all-around excellent TV, though we'll have to test it out for ourselves to verify just how great it is.

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