Philips' 2022 TV lineup looks to be its best yet for gamers

The Philips OLED807 on display in a living room - the wall behind it is light up by the Ambilight feature
(Image credit: Philips)

Philips has just announced its 2022 TV lineup, and gamers looking to upgrade their home cinema better be paying attention.

That’s because the brand's new selection of 4K OLED and LED screens are set to be some of the best out there for those playing on high-end PC rigs and game consoles.

For starters, the new OLED807, OLED707, Mini LED 9507, and LED 8807 TVs will all support a max refresh rate, (with VRR, variable refresh rate) of 120Hz at 4K resolution - giving you the kind of specs you need to get the most out of your PS5 or Xbox Series X console.

On top of that Philips has announced that Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync support is coming to a selection of its TVs - which so far is confirmed to include the OLED807 and LED 8807. 

These sets will also get Auto Game and Auto-Low-Latency modes that bring input lag down to just 9ms on the 8807, and 8ms on the OLED807.

Pricing is currently unavailable as well, however, we can expect these models to cost roughly the same as what last year's collection launched at. Based on the OLED806 price we can expect the new OLED807 to cost about £1,299 for its smaller sizes, and upwards of £3,999 for its largest.

The Philips OLED807 on display in a living room - the wall behind it is light up by the Ambilight feature

(Image credit: Philips)

More than a gaming monitor

But what could make Philips lineup particularly tantalizing is that you won't just be getting a great gaming performance, but your picture should look excellent too.

Philips' 2022 OLED displays will continue to deliver improved clarity in dark scenes and brighter colors than you’ll be used to from a typical LCD screen. 

On top of that Philips’ unique Ambilight feature - that shines light behind the TV that matches up with the color of what's on-screen - will provide a deeper level of immersion than you'll be used to from traditional TVs.

Further enhancing that immersion is that Philips' new 8807 display will be its biggest TV yet. Phillips will offer an astoundingly large 86-inch size option that will almost certainly fill your view, and whatever room it's placed in, complete with 120Hz and VRR modes

Thankfully, smaller screen sizes between 43-inch to 75-inch will also be available.

Last but not least, Philips' OLED807, OLED707, and Mini LED 9507 TVs come with IMAX Enhanced certification, meaning that they should offer a best-in-class audio and picture performance. If you want to take advantage of IMAX Enhanced content - such as the MCU films of Disney Plus - these are the kinds of screens you want to look out for.

That said, until we try out these TVs for ourselves we should try to keep our expectations in check; however, our incredibly positive past experience with the likes of the Philips OLED806 leads us to believe its 2022 selection will more than live up to our expectations.

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