One of the best Motorola phones - the Motorola One Hyper - is now under £200

(Image credit: Motorola)

While Amazon Prime Day may be under a week away, we're already seeing discounts from a variety of manufacturers and retailers with this recent deal offering up one of Motorola's best for £70 less.

The Motorola One Hyper - a handset the company unveiled in February this year - is getting a hefty discount directly from Lenovo (which now makes Moto phones) on its own website in the UK.

You'll need to use the code MOTOMADNESS at checkout to get the discount that brings the handset down from its £269.99 RRP to £199.99.

Motorola One Hyper deals:


Motorola One Hyper: £269.99 £199.99 at Lenovo
Motorola makes some of the best cheap phones available, and this latest deal brings the price of the 4 star One Hyper down by £70. Note that you'll need to use the code MOTOMADNESS at checkout to be able to get the lower price.

Motorola phones are prone to getting discounts during sales periods, so if there is another handset from the company that you've been looking at you may want to wait until Prime Day or even Black Friday for other discounts.

Visiting from outside the UK? Check out today's best Motorola One Hyper deals below for your area.

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