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Oculus Quest 2 Air Link will offer wireless PC VR play - and 120Hz refresh rate too

The Oculus Quest 2 headset
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The Oculus Quest 2, the standalone VR headset from Facebook, could soon gain new wireless functions thanks to an upcoming feature called Air Link. The Quest 2 v28 update (opens in new tab) (and accompanying desktop app update) will let you play VR games from your PC without having to connect your Oculus Quest 2 via a cable and will come with other boosts like a 120Hz refresh rate for some games.

Currently, the Oculus Quest 2 can only run its own library of Oculus Quest games without being tethered to another device, so when Air Link launches you’ll finally be able to enjoy a truly wireless experience. Similar functionality is possible with third-party apps, but this will become a baked-in feature for Quest devices.

Just don’t expect the feature to be brilliant at launch. Air Link is only in experimental mode (Oculus’ version of early access) right now, and depending on your PC and wireless connections you might find the performance more nauseating than a typical VR session, as some lag will inevitably be introduced.

What else is coming in the Oculus Quest 2 update? 

Alongside Air Link, there are a few more features on the way too. As mentioned already some games will soon allow you to play them at 120Hz, up from the 90Hz that is currently the system’s max refresh rate.

This boost should make games look more smooth by reducing tearing and stuttering as well as reducing input lag.

You’ll also be able to access new features in Infinite Office. Soon you’ll be able to add a virtual desk where your real one is letting you easily shift in and out of tools like Browser by just sitting at it. Starting with the Logitech K830 you’ll also be able to bring your keyboard into VR, with the virtual keys matching up with the ones in real life. 

As with all Oculus updates v28 will roll out gradually, so expect these features to arrive sometime in the next few weeks.

Hamish Hector
Hamish Hector

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