Your Oculus Quest 2 will soon get new experimental VR apps much faster

The Oculus Quest 2 headset
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The Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 app libraries are growing at a speedy rate these days, buoyed by the success of Facebook’s latest VR headset and growing user base. But what about the smaller, more experimental VR projects that are being worked on?

You may already be using the sideloading capabilities of your headset, but at the start of last month Facebook introduced the App Lab section of the Quest interface for distributing non-store software. While this software is less stable, whether paid or free, it’s a fun way to play with work-in progress software, and for developers to get their ideas into users hands without quite as strict an approval processes as the regular Oculus store requires.

And now there could soon be a deluge of new apps coming through the portal. Amazingly, until now, the App Lab submissions team has only had three people working on it. But Facebook’s Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality Andrew Bosworth, speaking on an Instagram AMA, revealed the company will be “ramping up” that team:

“I don’t think we’ve been surprised [at the response to App Labs], we’ve been delighted. It’s been high volume. We actually only have l a team of, I think right now, three people going through those submissions, because the store had a pretty low volume. […]So, we’re ramping that up. We have got plans to grow that team so we can actually get through those submissions faster.”

VR curiosities

It seems then that the amount of submissions to the App Lab is growing quickly, meaning more items for us all to play with on our headsets soon.

For Oculus owners, it’s an exciting development – though the headsets enjoy a fast-growing catalogue, the number of games and apps available still pales in comparison to the home consoles. 

App Labs will quickly introduce more items than ever before to players’ headsets, as well as giving devs the important feedback needed to bring their ideas fully to life. So long as it doesn’t become a dumping ground for complete trash, it’ll be an interesting repository to tap into.

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