O2 now offers Apple Watch contracts with six months free airtime

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Previously an exclusive to EE and Vodafone in the UK, you can now buy the LTE version Apple Watch as part of a contract with O2.

From today, O2 will be selling both the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4. Each will be the LTE variants, and there's no sign of the network selling the standard versions.

It'll allow you to connect the Apple Watch with your existing phone contract on O2, or if you're switching to the network it's also available on a new contract too.

An alternative provider

With O2's Custom Plans, you can make your own deal where you pay what you want upfront between £20 and £500. Then you can also change the amount of time you want to have your contract for, and that time limit can be anywhere between three and 36 months.

An example deal for the Apple Watch 4 is £14.50 a month, £20 upfront and the rolling internet plan costs £5 a month. You'll get the first six months of airtime free, but here it's a 36 month contract so you'll be paying for the next 30.

Over that three year period, this deal for the Apple Watch 4 is set to cost you £692.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is cheaper, and it has a similar example deal gives you six months of airtime offered for free. The device is £9.99 a month, and its upfront cost is also £20.

Again, this would be for a 36 month contract that you can shorten if you wish. If not, it'd cost you just under £530 over the lifetime of the device. You can check out the various offers direct on the O2 website.

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