Nintendo Switch’s next peripheral could be Donkey Konga bongo drums

Nintendo Switch Donkey Konga

A recent patent suggests that Nintendo Labo is only the beginning when it comes to Nintendo Switch peripherals. Filed by Hitoshi Yamazaki in August 2017 and made public in March 2018, the patent depicts a range of 'extended input devices' which would be powered by various aspects of the hardware, such as the Joy-Con mounted IR camera.

The patent contains images of the kinds of peripherals Nintendo has in mind and they include a Joy-Con-powered keyboard as well as a brand new set of Donkey Konga bongo drums. 

It looks like the keyboard works by plugging one of the Joy-Con controllers into it so that it can connect with the main Switch tablet (which is very similar to how Nintendo Labo accessories work). The drums on the other hand look like a newer version of the ones first launched in 2004 for the GameCube. Perhaps this time they’ll be more popular.

Accessories to fun

Nintendo Switch Donkey Konga

While patents are absolutely no indication of future plans, and we have no idea whether any of these accessories will ever come to light, this particular patent very much falls in line with a recent report from the Wall Street Journal. The report stated that Nintendo is intending to focus on peripherals to prolong the Switch’s lifespan, rather than any new hardware iterations. 

What we do know is that there’s a Nintendo Direct being streamed today, March 8. Though it seems a little soon to see any of these peripherals revealed there, we are expecting to see some news on upcoming Nintendo Switch releases which we’ll be reporting on right here at TechRadar.

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