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New WandaVision trailer hints at big revelations in episode 6 and beyond

WandaVision episode 6
(Image credit: Disney Plus/screengrab)

Some possible spoilers for WandaVision's remaining episodes follow.

Marvel has released a short new featurette for WandaVision that hints at what might be waiting for us in episode 6 this week. It might be a red herring designed to keep us guessing, but it would appear to point at where the Marvel show is going in a couple of ways. 

It's only a minute long, but at one point the trailer shows Wanda and Vision's neighbor Agnes (played by Kathryn Hahn) asking Vision if she's dead. Vision responds with, "No, why would you think that?" She says, "Because you are." That's potentially a key development than we haven't seen play out in the show just yet. 

Here's the teaser so you can see for yourself:

So, what's going on here? We have a theory on that below. 

When will Vision learn the truth?

Does this mean Agnes is the one who tells Vision that he's actually dead, and that whatever's going on in the town of Westview is what's keeping him alive? We know from episode 5 that Vision has no memory of his life before Westview – including his death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. 

Note, also, that Agnes is wearing a witch costume for Halloween – possibly hinting at the idea that she might be the Marvel comics character Agatha Harkness in disguise, which has been speculated since before the show even started airing.

This isn't the only potentially spoiler-y part of the trailer, either. At the end, Wanda says "this is our home," to which Vision responds, "then let's fight for it". At this point, both characters seem to be disconnected from the sitcom reality that's been papering over the cracks of Westview in the show so far. 

We've seen this footage before, but could this be a hint at the show's final battle? We don't have long to wait until we find out more. WandaVision episode 6 releases on Friday, February 11, with new episodes coming every Friday on Disney Plus

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