New Galaxy Note 9 teasers point towards 512GB storage and slick performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with plenty of storage and buffer-free performance according to two new teaser videos from the South Korean firm.

The new videos arrive hot on the heels of another official Samsung teaser suggesting the Galaxy Note 9 will also boast great battery life, ahead of its August 9 unveiling.

In the first video, addressing storage, we see a handset continually getting a 'Storage Full' pop-up and the user having to delete lots of content to make room.

The video ends with the words 'Never have enough storage?' and then 'A lot can change in a day' followed by 'August 9, 2018', the date of the Galaxy Note 9 launch.

Whether this means the Note 9 will offer increased internal storage options (512GB for example), or whether it's struck a deal with the likes of Dropbox or Google for unlimited cloud storage is still unclear. 

Either way though, it should be welcome news for users – although a 512GB Note 9 is likely to carry a lofty price tag. You can view the video teaser below.

Time for a change of pace

Samsung's second Galaxy Note 9 teaser video poses the question 'Phone too slow?' while showing devices struggling to download files and stream, with the user turning off all background activity in an attempt to speed things up.

It's a situation many will be familiar with, no matter which phone brand you have in your hand, and while Samsung suggests it has the answer we'll reserve judgement until we've put the Galaxy Note 9 through its paces in our in-depth review process.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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