Samsung Galaxy Note 9 teaser points to great battery life

No matter how much you spend on a phone, one thing that will often be lacking is the battery life, but that’s an issue that it seems Samsung plans to address with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

A new video teaser for the handset, which you can see below, shows a phone with rapidly plummeting battery life, which dies even after closing apps and disabling functions, leaving the owner unable to reply to the stream of messages they’re receiving.

We’ve all been there, but the video ends with the text “Battery can’t keep up? A lot can change in a day”, followed by the date August 9, which is when we’re expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The text underneath the video is even less subtle, reading “on August 9th 2018, power will no longer be a problem.”

More mAh

What none of this says is how Samsung plans to solve the problem, but we can take a good guess, as the Galaxy Note 9 has been widely rumored to have a 4,000mAh battery, which is big, even for a phone of this size, and is the largest juice pack Samsung has ever put in one of its flagships.

While that battery size is just a rumor for now, this video strongly suggests that a bigger battery is on the cards. 

Of course, Samsung could have other solutions planned as well or instead, such as a better battery saver mode or software optimizations. We’ll know exactly what it’s hinting at soon.

James Rogerson

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