New Amazon Echo pre-order deal throws in a free Philips Hue smart LED bulb

Echo Hue bundle deal

The 4th generation Amazon Echo smart speaker isn't even out until October 22, but you can already pre-order it and save money. The Echo is being bundled by Amazon with a Philips Hue White bulb E27 ahead of the Prime Day Deals 2020 – what it amounts to is essentially paying the base price for the Echo unit of £89.99, but getting the smart bulb for nothing extra. This gives you a great head start if you're interested in amping up or even starting your smart home lighting setup. 

The 4th gen Echo unit has a new spherical look and upgraded sound, and this is the first update to the main Echo device since 2018. Amazon boasts of "clear highs, dynamic mids and deep bass" for improved audio that adjusts automatically in any room you place it in. As ever, you can voice control your audio entertainment via Alexa, streaming songs from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and other supported platforms. You can also use the Echo for news, calls and checking the weather. 

The intent with the 2020 Echo is to combine the best of the Echo Plus and the existing Echo into one all-conquering smart speaker, according to Amazon. Blue, charcoal and white are your options for colour – all are available with the Philips bulb.  

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Here's the pre-order bundle:

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Amazon Echo (2020) + Hue Bulb: £104.98 £89.99 at Amazon

Amazon Echo (2020) + Hue Bulb: £104.98 £89.99 at Amazon
It's not even released yet, and there's a deal to be had on the new Amazon Echo. While the price for the unit is still the same, you can now grab a free Philips Hue bulb to kickstart (or add to) your smart home experience. Free stuff rocks.

You also don't need anything else to take advantage of the bundled-in Philips bulb. This will allow you to enjoy smart LED lighting straight out of the box – download the app, hook it up via Bluetooth and controlling the lighting is in your hands. That makes this a decent freebie if you've never experimented with smart lighting before. You'll need to buy a separate Philips Hue bridge, though, to connect your setup to your router.

If you were thinking of picking up the new Echo anyway, then, this deal is well worth a look. 

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