My Brilliant Friend season 2: how to watch the latest episode online from anywhere

My Brilliant Friend season 2 watch online
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My Brilliant Friend is a drama you absolutely have to watch. Poignantly conveying the full spectrum of human emotions -  from love and ambition to violence and self-destruction - the returning TV show has been lauded by critics around the world and rightly so. Read on and we'll tell you how to watch My Brilliant Friend season 2 online from every corner of the world.

My Brilliant Friend season 2: cheat sheet

My Brilliant Friend is based on Italian author Elena Ferrantes' four book Neapolitan Series of novels, the first of which was published in 2012. It has since been adapted for TV, and season 2 of My Brilliant Friend is based on the The Story Of A New Name - book 2 in the series.. It stars Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo, with HBO due to show new My Brilliant Friend episodes weekly on Monday nights it in the US from March 16 until May 2.

With sports postponed by coronavirus all over the world, it's definitely worth giving My Brilliant Friend a shot, even if you haven't heard of it yet or are sceptical about the fact it's an Italian language drama and English speakers will have to follow along via subtitles.

It's so worth it, though. The show is a coming-of-age drama that follows the friendship of two girls over no less than six decades and is set against the charming yet tumultuous backdrop of Naples. So while it is only now entering its second season, we rate it as one of the best new TV shows of the year - and are excited to tell you how to watch My Brilliant Friend season 2 online.

How to watch My Brilliant Friend season 2 from abroad

Whatever your first language, we think you'll agree that My Brilliant Friend is one of the best things to watch right. It's airing in a number of countries all over the world, which means if you get properly hooked on it but are abroad for the next My Brilliant Friend episode you might find yourself hampered by geo-blocking.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to stream My Brilliant Friend season 2 no matter where you are. This clever little bit of software changes your IP address so that you can access episodes of your favorite shows live or on demand as they become available.


While there are hundreds of VPNs to choose from, we always recommend ExpressVPN. As well as being fast, simple, and straightforward to install, it's also compatible with a whole host of devices - Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android to name some of the main ones.

Plus, ExpressVPN's flexible 30-day money back guarantee is difficult to argue with. Even better, you can purchase an annual plan for a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE – a brilliant offer for an essential bit of software.

Once installed, select the location of your home country and simply click connect. You’ll then be able to easily watch My Beautiful Friend online from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Watch My Brilliant Friend season 2 online: how to stream this week's episode in the US


New episodes of My Brilliant Friend season 2 air Monday nights at 10pm on HBO in the US. If you can't be in front of your TV for whatever reason, subscribers to the premium cable channel can make use of the companion HBO Go streaming service or app to watch My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name and other great content on-the-go.

Those who don't want to sign up for a cable package that ties them down for an entire year can also get HBO on these great value over-the-top services:

  • Sling TV: With packages starting from just $20, Sling TV is a great cord-cutting option  for anyone in the US - and is an easy way to watch HBO without signing the best years of your life away to an overpriced cable provider. You can use it on nearly any major streaming device including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast - or fire it up on-the-go on Android and iOS mobiles.
  • FuboTV: Offering access to more than 100 channels including HBO, FuboTV packages start at just $54.99 a month - but you can bag a free trial first to see if it's right for you. 

And remember, as per our guide above, if you find yourself out of the country, you can use clever software like ExpressVPN to watch The Plot Against America online just as if you were at home.


How to watch watch My Brilliant Friend season 2 online in the UK

does not have a confirmed UK release date

My Brilliant Friend season 2 does not have a confirmed UK release date at present. It's almost certain that it will air on Sky Atlantic when it does drop in Blighty, given the network's relationship with HBO. There's not much more to say until we receive an official announcement, but whispers suggest the My Brilliant Friend season 2 UK release date may be June 2020. When it does finally land, those who don't subscribe to Sky can always get a Now TV Entertainment Pass to watch My Brilliant Friend season 2.

And those who may be visiting the UK from a country where My Brilliant Friend is available to watch should know that they can catch the latest episode just like they would at home - it's a simple case of grabbing a VPN, pointing yourself back to your country of residence and then accessing the streaming service you normally use.

My Brilliant Friend season 2: release date and how to watch online in Australia


TV fans in Australia have never had it better. Along with a load of other top shows, My Brilliant Friend season 2 is shown on Foxtel, with the series airing Wednesday nights at 7.30pm AEDT. This means Foxtel subscribers can easily watch the show wherever there are, thanks to the Foxtel Now streaming service.

In fact, you don't even need to sign up for a full Foxtel cable package to take advantage of this great value Aussie streaming service. Foxtel Now is available on a standalone basis from just $25 and it even offers a FREE 10-day trial so you can see if it's right for you.

If you happen to be going abroad and are worried that geo-blocking will stop you from watching shows like My Beautiful Friend with Foxtel Now like you normally would back home, don't worry - just use a VPN to point yourself back to Australia and you'll be able to stream as usual.

How to watch My Brilliant Friend online: season 2 streaming guide for Canada


Fans of quality TV drama in Canada have nothing to worry about, as hit HBO show My Brilliant Friend season 2 will be shown on Crave at 10pm on Monday nights - the same time it airs in the US. 

And if you already pay for HBO content on Crave but find yourself outside of Canada for the next episode of My Brilliant Frind, you can still tune in - watch just like you would at home by using a VPN to magically reappear in Canada and access your usual streaming service from elsewhere.

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