MSI sneaks in new GS63VR and GS73VR Stealth Pro gaming laptops at Computex

MSI’s slimmer, lighter and quieter Stealth Pro range of gaming laptops have always offered high end performance in an extremely portable package, but the 2017 GS63VR that was unveiled today at Computex has managed to shrink the chassis to just 17.7mm despite packing a 6GB Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU. This slim package crams a surprising amount of features into the lofty 4.19lbs (1.9kg) 15-inch form factor. 

The most notable of these is the option for either a rapid 120Hz 15.6” Full HD display with an unprecedented 3ms response rate or a 4K HDR-capable IPS panel, if you’re happy to pay for the upgrade from the stock 1080p display. The other key inclusion is NVIDIA’s recently announced Max-Q technology that offers rejigged pascal parts for significant boosts in efficiency and overall thermal properties. 

Backing up these novel inclusions is a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, a 2.5 inch HDD slot and an NVMe M.2 SSD connected via PCIe that can utilize MSI’s Exclusive Super RAID 4 configuration to push read speeds of 3,300MB/s. 

 Cool gaming laptops with Per-Key RGB lighting  


To achieve this power in a device so thin you need some serious cooling and MSI’s 5 heat pipe, triple Whirlwind 41-blade fan array dubbed the Cooler Boost Trinity is designed designed specifically to expel the heat created by the power hungry components. 

Bringing back the longstanding partnership with SteelSeries is an all new RGB backlit keyboard that allows you to control the colour scheme key by key and the return of the SteelSeries Engine 3 mean you can continue to use the same preset macro’s you’re used to. 

Price and global release details of the GS63VR and it’s similarly specced 17-inch sibling, the GS73VR are still to come, we’re looking forward to seeing getting hands-on with the unit soon.  

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

Joel has been the in-house benchmark monkey for the Australian TechRadar team and Australia’s two biggest tech magazines (APC and TechLife) since 2014.