MSI announces new GE63VR and GE73VR Raider gaming laptops

With sleek angles on the outside and advanced cooling to keep the hotted-up insides in check, the latest line of MSI’s ‘Raider’ gaming laptops is likely going to bring some power and prettiness to the table, hopefully without blowing the budget.

The GE63VR and GE73VR will be sporting some brand new tech, including the world’s first 3ms 120Hz display panel. Along with this impressive refresh rate and response time, this display promises a wider color gamut (up to 94-percent of the NTSC spectrum) and is HDR compatible, meaning that you’ll be able to see a broader range of colors with a better overall contrast.

New to this series is the latest iteration in MSI’s laptop cooling systems, Cooler Boost 5, which uses a series of two fans, seven pipes, and four ventilation points in order to keep the system within reasonable operating temperatures.

Although we don’t yet know which CPU is driving the Raider line, we do know they will feature an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, which is a decent jump over the GE62 and GE72’s 1050. Despite the improvements, MSI have managed to squeeze the new Raider’s into a smaller chassis and slimmer body.

The bold red corner of MSI's sports-car-esque aesthetic.

The bold red corner of MSI's sports-car-esque aesthetic.

MSI is also quite proud of the aesthetics of the new range, with inspiration for the lid’s illuminated corners taken from sports cars, and a sleek, black body that will be familiar to any MSI fans. The company’s partnership with SteelSeries has resulted in one of their Per-Key RGB keyboards to make its way into the GE63VR and GE73VR, with customisable illumination for each key available via MSI’s software.

The aptly-named ‘Giant Speakers’ are apparently two-to-three times larger than other speakers in similarly-ranged notebooks, and have five times the chamber size, resulting in a much louder volume (over 105dBA) and allegedly better audio quality and sound detail too.

So far, the only known differentiating factor between the GE63VR and GE73VR is a 15-inch and 17-inch display respectively. Although we don’t have details on pricing and availability, if these laptops launch anywhere close to the previous models (the GE62 was around $1,399 / £1,199 / AU$1,999 for reference) then this could be a very promising high-end option for gamers that don’t want to fork out for the very top-of-the-line laptops.

Harry Domanski
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