Moto G9 Plus leak suggests Motorola's cheap phones will now have fast charging

Moto G8 Plus
Moto G8 Plus (Image credit: Future)

The Moto G8 line of affordable smartphones has only just stopped coming out (or is still coming out, depending on if you count the Moto G 5G Plus), but we've already started hearing leaks regarding its successor series, the Moto G9 line.

Our latest dose of information comes from MySmartPrice, which has spotted a certification listing for a phone with a model number linked to the Moto G9 Plus - we'd expect this to be the first Moto G9 phone to come out, because the Moto G8 Plus was the first of its range.

According to the leak, the Moto G9 Plus is set to have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, as well as a 4,700mAh battery and 30W fast charging. These first three specs won't exactly set the world on fire - they're to be expected for an affordable phone - but the fast charging spec might.

While Motorola phones typically have pretty big batteries, they've usually had rather slow charging speeds, so it takes quite a long time to fill up their power packs. However 30W charging is pretty fast, so the Moto G9 Plus likely won't have that issue.

Fast charging across the range

While not all Moto G8 phones have the same charging speeds as each other, they do tend to be in the same ballpark. So that could also be the case with the majority of Moto G9 models  - meaning the rest of the line could also get a charging upgrade, whether or not they're all 30W.

This feature would help give these devices an edge over other cheap phones, as we typically see fast charging only in mid-range and top-end phones.

Who knows - maybe some of the Moto G9 line will also have wireless charging, since - if this leak is right - Motorola is clearly looking to improve charging functionality on its smartphones, but that might also be a pipe dream.

We're not too sure when the Moto G9 Plus is coming, but it could be October, since that would be a year after the Moto G8 Plus launched.

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