Moto G9 Plus leak shows it could be a big improvement over its Moto G8 predecessor

Moto G8 Plus
Moto G8 Plus (Image credit: Future)

The Moto G9 series release is likely to be staggered by model, as with the Moto G8 line. We've seen one so far, the Moto G9 Play, but we've just heard about another which could be the next to roll out, the Moto G9 Plus.

The Moto G9 Plus was briefly listed on the Slovakia-region website for mobile operator Orange, and while it was quickly removed, MyFixGuide managed to grab all of the information first, including screenshots of the specs list and listing images.

According to the leak, the Moto G9 Plus will top its predecessors in two major ways - its 6.81-inch screen size would make it the biggest Moto G handset and its 64MP main camera would be the highest resolution of any such snapper on a Moto G phone.

Other than that the Moto G9 Plus is said to have a 1080 x 2400 resolution, four rear cameras, a 5,000mAh battery, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and run on Android 10.

The images suggest the phone will have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and a punch-hole front-facing camera, both like the Moto G 5G Plus (though that phone has two selfie cameras). There's one trait of that phone the Moto G9 Plus looks set to miss out on though, which some could argue is a key feature.


If the leak is to be believed, the Moto G9 Plus only has 4G connectivity, not 5G like the Moto G 5G Plus.

Some would argue that, in the interest of future-proofing, it's not really worth buying a 4G-only phone anymore, since it could be outdated very soon. Instead, it could be worth waiting for a Moto G 5G Plus follow-up which could bring the Moto G9 Plus' specs but with 5G connectivity.

We'll have to wait to see if this leak is accurate though before making any such statements - and indeed some of these leaked specs contradict a rumor we heard many months ago, so take them with a pinch of salt.

We don't know when the Moto G9 Plus is coming, but a release date in October would make sense since that would be exactly a year on from the Moto G8 Plus's release.

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