Moto G 5G Plus might be released as the Motorola Edge Lite in some regions

Moto G 5G Plus
Moto G 5G Plus (Image credit: Future)

In our Moto G 5G Plus review we said the phone felt like 'the Motorola Edge Lite in all but name' - well, it might end up being the Edge Lite in name too, as a new rumor suggests Motorola is planning to launch the phone with different names in different regions.

This comes from a few small pieces of information, collated by DealInTech from information from leakers and certification documents. It seems the phone that was released in Europe under the name 'Moto G 5G Plus' might come to the US as the 'Motorola One 5G' and other regions under the name 'Motorola Edge Lite'.

That's a large number of names for the same piece of tech, and shows Motorola inserting it into all of its major phone ranges depending on the market. The company is no stranger to tweaking names in this way, but it's never gone so far as to change a G-series phone to the One line or Edge range - could that confuse buyers who keep an eye on the international phones market?

Perhaps the company has chosen the line in each region that would suit the market best, though since the phone was so similar to the Motorola Edge, it'll be hard to view it as anything but an Edge Lite regardless of its actual moniker.

Are there any changes in the phones?

The Motorola Edge Lite and One 5G have ID numbers one digit off the Moto G 5G Plus - that's part of the reason it seems it's the same phone being referenced, but perhaps a slightly tweaked version of it.

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One leaker says it could have a 4,700mAh battery and 20W charging, not 5,000mAh as in the Moto G 5G Plus, but if that's the only change it's relatively minor.

The only other possible difference is RAM and memory. While the original phone came with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, it's possible in the regions it's being released as an Edge phone it'll get more premium options: perhaps 6GB or 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

We'll have to wait to see what happens, as while Motorola has pledged to release a sub-$500 5G phone in the US before the end of the year, that still leaves a large window for the phone to come out in.

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