Sony may already be preparing the Xperia Z3 Tablet

Xperia Z2 Tablet
The Z2 Tablet might soon be replaced

The Xperia Z2 Tablet may only have been out for all of about five months but we might soon be seeing a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet.

Nothing's been heard of Sony's new slate yet, but a tablet with the model number SGP621 was spotted by on Postel, an Indonesian authority for certifying telecommunications equipment.

So what makes us think it's the Xperia Z3 Tablet? Well, XperiaBlog noted that it follows the same naming convention as LTE versions of previous Xperia Z slates, with the Z2 Tablet carrying the model number SGP521 and the Xperia Tablet Z being known as SGP321.

Big or small?

It's hardly proof, but it adds up, especially as Sony has taken to releasing flagship handsets twice a year, so there's no reason it couldn't do the same with tablets. On the other hand reckons it might be a smaller 8-inch slate.

Whatever it ends up being, we could see it soon as Sony is expected to announce the Xperia Z3 at IFA 2014 in early September, so this slate might come along for the ride.

If it is the Z3 Tablet we just hope Sony gives it a higher resolution screen than the Z2 Tablet, as that was one of our few complaints about the slab.

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