Samsung to unleash massive 12.2-in tablet to take on iPad 5?

Samsung to unleash 10-inch and 12.2 inch tablets?
Samsung gets ready for the next round

In case there wasn't already a Samsung tablet out there tailored to your specific size demands, two more might be heading our way.

Infamous Twitter tipster @evleaks has been up to his old tricks again, this time announcing what he understands to be the specs of two upcoming Samsung tablets - a 10-inch and a 12.2-inch slate, the latter of which would be Samsung's biggest Android tablet yet.

According to @evleaks, the 12.2-inch tablet, known by the model number SM-P900, will feature an Exynos 5 octacore CPU, while the 10-inch P600 tablet will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Both will allegedly have 2560 x 1600 displays, the same resolution as the Nexus 10.

@evleaks also said that the 12-incher will also come equipped with an S-pen, although he didn't mention whether the smaller model will do the same.

Troublesome twosome

Claimed specs for am SM-P900 surfaced over on Japanese site RB Men earlier this month, suggesting that the tablet will run on Android 4.2, despite the recent launch of Android 4.3.

@evleaks does have a track record of being on the money, so we're happy to remain optimistic but not completely convinced for now. If it is true, these could be busy times for Samsung which is rumoured to be working on the new Google Nexus 10 as well.

The multiple tablet approach does sound like something Samsung would do - remember the deluge of Galaxy S4 variants? - while it also makes sense for Samsung to open fire on Apple's rumoured 13-inch iPad 5, which Cupertino is said to be trialing right now.

Could we even see this pair of new tablets touch down alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at IFA 2013? It's not the most absurd idea.

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