Apple reportedly trialing a 13-inch iPad, and bigger iPhone too

Apple reportedly trialing a 13-inch iPad, and bigger iPhone too
Is Apple trialing a 13-inch iPad?

If your chief problem with Apple devices was that they were a little small then you may be in luck, with further suggestions that the US giant is testing considerably larger screens for its iPhone and iPad.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is testing prototypes of a tablet with a display 'slightly less than 13-inches' and smartphone screens that are larger than the iPhone 5.

Rumours that Apple is looking to upsize its devices have been plentiful this year, and the latest stories are obviously all the more likely given the source.

Of course, testing does not mean definitely on their way, and Apple will be mindful that it has made the case for both iPhone and iPad's current screen sizes being optimum.

Raising iBrows

A 13-inch tablet would certainly raise eyebrows, with real questions over whether the weight can be kept down enough to make it a comfortable experience.

A larger iPhone looks more likely, with competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One enjoying success with bigger screens, and the Asian market embracing phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .

It's widely thought that this year will see a new iPad 5 with the traditional 9.7 inch retina screen and a new flagship iPhone 5S.

So, let the rumours of the iPad Mega start here, as well as the likely suggestion that it could be some kind of Lenovo Yoga-like hybrid laptop/tablet.

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