More than 17 million iOS and Android devices activated on Christmas

Kindle Fire HD
Seems like everyone got a new tablet this year for Christmas

Christmas is time for laughter and good cheer, and it's also apparently a great time to get a new iPhone 5, Nexus 10, or Kindle Fire HD.

According to analytics firm Flurry, this past Christmas Day saw an unheard of amount of iOS and Android devices activated in a 24-hour span.

Based on Flurry's data, some 17.4 million new smartphones and tablets were activated during Dec. 25, shattering the previous 6.8 million device record created during Christmas 2011.

Throughout the rest of the month, an average of 4 million devices were activated per day, making Christmas' 332 percent increase that much more staggering.

Though Flurry didn't have any exact numbers for which tablets or smartphones saw the greatest increases in activations, the firm did claim that both Apple and Amazon had the greatest influence on the record numbers.

O Tablet-baum

Flurry also reported that more people activated tablets than smartphones on Christmas Day, as devices like the iPad Mini helped tablets earn a 51 percent majority.

Of course, this was after smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 dominated the rest of December, garnering 80 percent of the sales from the first 20 days of the month.

Regardless of whether or not it was a tablet or a smartphone, the incredible amount of iOS and Android activations also led to an increase in app downloads during Christmas.

On average, 155 million apps were downloaded every single day for the first few weeks of December.

Those downloads increased 112 percent on Christmas Day, with Flurry claiming 328 million apps were downloaded in those 24 hours.

It's quite an impressive feat on all accounts, and with more families adopting smart devices each and every month, one has to wonder just how long these latest records will stand.

Via Flurry