MobileCon 2012: top 10 moments

Available for $219.99 on a $55/month contract, the Venice is a nice 4.3-inch phone running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reps told us that LG strives to cover all bases, offering customers devices that they can afford yet still desire.

It's a refreshing stance and one that hopefully pans out for a company that's struggled to make its mark on the smartphone market.

10. Hands-on with LG Mach

A full-blown QWERTY phone at MobileCon 2012? You read that right, Sprint must be seeing the demand for physical keys somewhere, as it will be the exclusive carrier for the LG Mach, a phone that sports both a fold-out keyboard and a touch screen.

MobileCon 2012

The LG Mach runs ICS and LG's Optimus 3.0 UI. Going hands-on with the device, we were most impressed with how well the keyboard and touch screen worked together, making predictive text a snap.

The Mach's modest stats out it as a mid-range to budget device, but the combination of 4G service with Sprint (where available) and the unique QWERTY-touch screen combo could make it a desirable device. We'll find out once we get the LG Mach in for a full review.

More on MobileCon 2012

MobileCon 2012 is the U.S. convention formerly known as CTIA MobileCon 2012. This isn't just a fall session of the CTIA convention in New Orleans.

It's a San Diego gathering of movers and shakers in the mobile computing scene, as well as tons of journalists and IT professionals looking to be moved and shook by the latest ideas and innovations in the field.

MobileCon 2012 will feature keynote speeches from industry leaders and demonstrations of the latest tech about to deploy in the enterprise workspace. Topics range from BYOD (bring your own device) security, cloud computing and peer-to-learning, to name a few.

MobileCon 2012 will be the convention for IT professionals and anyone whose lifestyle makes them a frequent telecommuter.

Huawei's growing pains

No, it's not "Hawai'i." Huawei's U.S. mobile device division has been in the country for more than five years, yet the company is still struggling to gain name and brand recognition.

Though phones like the Mercury help, deals that are "happening" with major carriers like Verizon should help elevate Huawei where it needs to be.

Will mobile payments take over in the US?

A panel of five executives took the MobileCon 2012 keynote stage to engage in a discussion as to what mobile commerce looks like and where it's going.

Success, to one exec, is one out of four Americans using a mobile wallet in 5-8 years. The issue of adoption, some said, lies in educating consumers on the need to actually chuck traditional payment modes.

OtterBox branching into water proof next year

It's hard not to like OtterBox, the plucky protective case company that's taken off thanks to its durable covers. The company had its paws at MobileCon 2012, showing off its new iPhone 5 cases as well as sleek tablet covers.

Look for a water proof case next year plus a host of other innovative devices, an Otter rep said.

Hands-on with the LG Mach

Do you miss the days of full QWERTY keyboard phones? Well, the folks at Sprint must. They'll be the exclusive carrier for the LG Mach, which combines a touch screen and slide-out keyboard for real texting power.

The LG Mach will take advantage of Sprint's 4G service, where available. Like the LG Optimus L9, it runs Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich and LG's own Optimus 3.0 UI.

LG talks budget phones alongside flagships

While the Optimus G has gotten a lot of attention lately, LG isn't neglecting other sectors of the market. The T-Mobile exclusive Optimus L9 got to shine at MobileCon 2012, as did the LG Venice.

The Venice, priced at $219.99, hit Boost Mobile Wednesday, bringing an Ice Cream Sandwich Android to consumers looking for a deal.

Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 810

When will we finally get to play with Windows 8 on a smartphone? Nokia's Lumia 810 was on the show floor, but we weren't allowed to turn it on and experience the OS goodness inside.

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