OtterBox developing water proof protection for 2013

New case for the iPhone 5

OtterBox, makers of protective cases for mobile devices, is looking at yet another way to keep smartphones, tablets and music players safe.

"We are working on a water proof case," a company representative told TechRadar at MobileCon 2012. "It's not water resistant - it's water proof."

While the rep could only speculate that the case will be so air-tight a customer could take it swimming, he said the chance for that capability is quite high.

Another case maker, LifeProof, produces water proof casings, though only for iPhones and iPads.

The OtterBox rep said the company would make a distinct product.

"We'll put a little different spin on it," he said. "We'll get our paw print on it."

OtterBox offerings to grow next year

Though he wouldn't provide specific specs for the water proof case, the rep said that in general, 2013 will be a year to watch at OtterBox.

"We have more innovative products coming in 2013," he said.

Part of that innovative trajectory, the rep said, is in tablets.

"Tablets are an emerging market, with them becoming more accessible to more people as the price points drop," he said.

Realtree back by OtterBox

Lost in the woods, but not broken thanks to Realtree

Though it's currently only a rumor, though a very likely reality, the rep said should Apple produce an iPad Mini, OtterBox will be right there to protect it.

"Apple's such a strong brand, whatever they put out there, we'll take a good hard look at it and see if it's something we'll produce a case for," he said.

No slowing down

OtterBox currently produces cases for iPod touches, iPads, iPhones and Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S3, a product the rep said OtterBox customers love to protect.

The company also recently rolled out a case for the iPhone 5 in its Prefix (US$24.95, UK£15, AU$24.39), Reflex (US$34.95, UK£21, AU$34.17), Commuter (US$34.95, UK£21, AU$34.17), Defender (US$49.95, UK£31, AU$48) and new Realtree (US$59.95, UK£37, AU$58.61) series, a customized case with a wilderness motif backing.

Slim hip clip

A slimmed down hip clip

"We can't make [the iPhone 5 case] fast enough," the rep said. "Business is definitely not slowing down."

The Realtree case comes in either an orange or black polycarbonate casing. The hip clip, the rep said, has slimmed down too so the carrier fits closer to the body.

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