Boost Mobile welcomes LG Venice to the family

LG Venice
A hot little phone from LG for Boost

A 4.3-inch phone running a solid Android OS hopped onto Boost Mobile Wednesday, the Venice by LG.

LG even brought the phone down to San Diego as part of its MobileCon 2012 lineup, pleased to show off a phone coming exclusively to the prepaid carrier.

A variant on the Optimus L7, the handset is thin and light, though a structurally sound phone that comes with a 5MP rear-facing camera featuring LED flash and a 720p HD video camera.

The front has a VGA picture taker. Venice single-core CPU clocked in at 1GHz, while Ice Cream Sandwich - which LG reps at MobileCon told TechRadar runs on all the manufacturer's new devices - is found in the phone.

Pick it up for a reasonable $219.99 while grabbing a Boost Android Monthly Unlimited with Shrinking Payments plan at $55 a month.

LG's everywhere

LG's covered the market recently with phones on all ends of the spectrum - from its flagship Optimus G to the T-Mobile exclusive Optimus L9 to the budgeted Venice and LG Mach.

LG's MobileCon reps said the manufacturer is looking to to cover all price point levels, giving customers as much choice as possible.

Both the never-before-seen Mach and Optimus L9 were demoed at MobileCon.

While the G is "game changing," according to the reps, phones like the Venice give LG a better grip in the highly competitive smartphone game.

Hopefully for it, and Boost, the Venice's sales hold on tight.

As for the rumored LG Nexus 4, the representatives said they hadn't heard anything about such a device.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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